Everything it Wants is a created space that is meant to provoke a sense of deep, slow time, of safety, intimacy, and interior. It is a space meant to embody an embrace. It is an immersive installation that explores ideas of memory, materiality, our bodily existence and plastic through the implied lens of geologic time.

about the sound:

The sound for this piece was created from a recording I made of plastic bags being rustled with a handheld cassette player that I modified to allow for motor speed control with a potentiometer dial. I distorted the sound by running it through the slowed recording process of the cassette deck multiple times to create something more akin to how I imagine my own internal geologic time to sound.

repurposed: translucent plastic product packaging bags, backdrop paper, rock salt, crocheted bread bags, latex food safety gloves, green and blue plastic bags; clamp flood lights, speakers, iPod