NO. 01 - 02


#unidentified (archive) is an ongoing personal research and curatorial endeavor that explores the underbelly of public institutional archives: the blurry snapshots, the water damaged photographs, images of the unknown child, and the indistinct office interiors; the murky, unknown, mystery bits that somehow make their way into the annals of preserved public memory. Using the search term “unidentified”, I comb and harvest the digital archives of public universities, institutions, and agencies for unidentified images and images of the unidentified, which I curate into small editions of 10 images. These editions are carefully considered and paired through a process of inarticulable intuition and emotion, and are meant to convey a specific feeling that lies just on the fringes of nostalgia and the unknown. #unidentified (archive) explores ideas of co-opted nostalgia & borrowed memories, while considering the role and significance of public archive, its equitability, biases and shortcomings.